Granny Jelas Shiljur

Agency Network: 
August 2012


As a new creative player on the market whose majority of business is in online promotions, we wanted to seize the opportunity and introduce the agency but also popularize the QR code format which has been used quite rarely on the market so far. In order to make the story believable we based it on Croatian mentality: we like to brag that we’d invented many things, some of which is true, most is not. What if we found out that a grandma from a middle of Croatian nowhere had invented no less but – the QR code and named it Shiljur? When scanned, the QR code shown in the video leads to the NOA agency web page, where a visitor can get all the information about the agency in an equally funny and interesting way.

Digital advertisement created by NOA, Croatia for NOA, within the category: Agency Self-Promo.

Advertising Agency: NOA, Zagreb, Croatia
Creative Director / Copywriter: Mirka Modrinić
Ideamaker / Art Director: Dušan Čežek
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