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why did the designers of this site have matrix binary code in the bakgrd?

The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time

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Because these are the millionaire of the "future"

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second that on the matrix code.

Not that I wouldn't mind seeing it again. Maybe in the year 2022?

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it's moments like this that i wish i were blind.

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This screenshot doesn't give justice to the site. Check it out.

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reminds me of a few late 90s video games. which is the problem with trying to do an interactive game over the net. with the limitations in bandwidth, the level of interactivity is going to be very limited. so whatever you do is already dated. that said, i found the execution a bit flat and boring.

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You should watch the movie on the website. I like the interactivity. I guess thats why they used the binary code to give that certain future feeling, but it refers to much to the Matrix movie and this what you don't want.