June 2006

Warning! Spoiler below, go to the site first than read:
Dent breath pastilles were introduced through a viral campaign. Lungtester is an online lung test where people can measure their lung capacity. To perform the test you use either a microphone or your headphones as a microphone. A woman's voice carefully guides you through the test and its simple instructions. When your equipment is activated it's time for the test, to blow as hard as you can into your microphone. The test will be interrupted by Dent because it has detected bad breath.

Advertising Agency: McCann Norway
Copywriter: Daniel Wahlgren, Jakob Nielsen
Art Director: Daniel Wahlgren, Jakob Nielsen, Stian Johanssen
Illustrator: Kathrine Helene Slapgård
Sound: Stig & Stein
Production: David Wahlgren, Andre Orefjärd
Project Manager: Anniken Schjött, Anne Gro Carlsson
3D: Jan Cafourek

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