Shiny Toy Guns Campaign

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March 2010
Lincoln Digital Ad -  Shiny Toy Guns Campaign


To view the commercial, music video and making of visit:

For the current Lincoln music promotion and integrated ad campaign via Team Detroit, Wild Plum Director Shane Drake teamed with visual effects company Ntropic to create a visually striking commercial and music video for electronica/indie rock rising stars Shiny Toy Guns.

In each, the Shiny Toy Guns glittery performance of Peter Schilling's hit Major Tom comes alive against a backdrop of screens showcasing the Lincoln MKZ. Ntropic designed the media projected on giant LED screen walls, which were then filmed with the live performance at the Orpheum theater for both the commercial and music video. Ntropic also provided graphics treatments, color correction and final composite.

For the backgrounds projected behind the band, Ntropic created a series of distinct environments designed to complement the galactic, ethereal quality of the song, while staying consistent with the intercut Lincoln MKZ commercials. These worlds were created by combining practically shot light elements with fully dimensional CG sets built in Maya, After Effects and Inferno.

In keeping with the live in-the-moment feeling of the performance it was decided to use super-bright LED screens behind the band rather than taking a more conventional green-screen approach.

Digital advertisement created by Team Detroit, United States for Lincoln, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Team Detroit, USA
Executive Producer: Mike Stark
Copywriter: John Godsey
Art Director: Beth Hambly
Production Company: Wild Plum
Director: Shane Drake
Executive Producer: Shelby Sexton
Head of Production: Sandy Haddad
Line Producer: Ted Robbins
Director of Photography: Maz Makhani
Production Designer: Charles Infante
Editor: Walter May
Visual Effects: Ntropic
Creative Director: Nathan Robinson
Creative Director / Inferno artist: Simon Mowbray
Inferno artist: Alaina Goetz
CG artist: James McCarthy
Assistant Editor / Asst. Inferno Artist: Jesse Boots
Lustre Colorist: Marshall Plante
Executive Producer: Dana Townsend
Producer: Melissa Warhaftig
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Phil Lestino's picture

can't be looks like it's going to be dissapointing

Phil Lestino
Activity Score 1684
razorsharp creative's picture

Hey were right. A lot of bells and whistles that signified: nothing. Music and music videos that didn't seem to have any relevance to the brand. Dark images of the car and quick cuts that do more to damage your retinas than let you see what the car actually looks like. I should have headed your words.

razorsharp creative
Activity Score 186

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

ivan's picture

I really liked it, not the commercials, but the idea of blending advertising and entertainment.

Creative Director at Ads of the World
athlonlle's picture

I do like a lot the commercials, nice effects and very good editing, it leaves you wanting to go see the car to the agency. The songs connect with the concept their are trying to communicate: technology of the cars. About the site you can download those songs for free, vote for the next band for the next commercial and even win a car... good interaction with potential customers. Maybe the wrong thing of these commercials is that may be more appealing to a younger audience rather than to an older one which is the target who buys these cars. Just look at the comment of razorsharp, he says it damages his retinas, not good if he is on the age target of the potencial customers.

Activity Score 45
razorsharp creative's picture

With all due respect to "athlonlle", it's not the fact that I may or may not be part of the "younger audience" that this spot is targeted to (although the Lincoln brand is traditionally an older, upscale brand..but I digress) but more to the point that whatever the demo, not being able to actually "see" the product is a problem. With so many "flashes" and "quick-cuts" through the darkness it makes it hard to focus on the car and doesn't create an emotional connection to the brand. And I'm not against "quick-cuts". This Victoria Secret ad ( has a lot of quick cuts and "explosions" and flying helicopters and pretty much everything a "young demo" would crave...but I also think it's a good spot because it delivers on the emotional connection to the brand and you can see the product (as well as the models) which should be the point in the first place.

I think Lincoln needs to focus on what they want "Lincoln" to stand for. What does it "mean" to own a Lincoln? What should someone "feel" like when they own a Lincoln? And, what is the impression from others that a Lincoln owner would receive? Answer and deliver on these questions and you won't have to hide the car behind neon and bright lights.

razorsharp creative
Activity Score 186

-Richard Todd Aguayo (razorsharp creative)

NomadDCLXVI's picture

Nice production, but somehow i did not get the message, what are they trying to say?
seems little bit like wasting big money.
i wonder what they were saying outside the landing page. may be there is the missing link.

Activity Score 441
Creative Director |


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