Not what Mom had in mind?

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January 2011

Lane Bryant: Not what Mom had in mind?

Digital advertisment created by Zimmerman, United States for Lane Bryant, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising Agency: Zimmerman Advertising, USA

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Julio Garriga
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It´s a great way of showing the effect of a great campaign in Social Media. Well done!

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If the agency's intention was to create spots that would likely be rejected by the networks, and then use the rejection as fodder for social media - I think this is smart. If it wasn't intentional then it seems that all the PR was just just dumb luck.

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I say it was all dumb luck for Lane Bryant.

They created what I thought was a very great ad with one super hot lady in Ashley Graham. Layne Bryant imo really thought this ad would make in on TV with no problems. Then American Idol and Dancing With The Stars do not air the ad at all. Then all the websites including youtube get on the bandwagon and it explodes big time. Why the Victoria Secret ad gets aired, but not that Lane Bryant ad is just nuts!!!

It was also odd to see during this whole media controversy for the Layne Bryant ad that on Dancing with the Stars we had Kym Johnson do a bra and panties rhumba!!!

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This is an amazing campaign. If it had run as planned it's likely it would still have been a considerable success. But the way it panned out is a demonstration of some great on-the-feet thinking. Such a positive message! And a great case study on media use. Well done Zimmerman!

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Sure it would have worked if it all the networks aired it as is. She is THAT hot of a woman.

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Yes. She is smoking hot.

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Great case.

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Love the over-sized girls! Great campaign.

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pitted prunes
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great campaign unplanned, hence wouldn't say its a great idea but good damage control.

Can't help but to comment on the presentation of the video - the colour and style is very outdated "."

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Exactly. It's "damage control".

Although I'm really glad they changed the conversation, this video isn't really clear on WHAT, exactly, LB did to "change the conversation". Press releases? Influencer outreach? What?

It's obvious that the outrage went viral (and rightly so), but what did the agency do to stoke that?


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Here's to the fat chicks.

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More than 5 minutes to explain it?????

bye bye

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The ad itself was kinda generic. If the networks had ran it, we wouldn't be talking about it here.

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Given that there's nothing breakaway about the ad itself, the tone of knowing sanctimony to the voice over for this piece is amusing.

thedesignaddict and kleenex are right. It's dumb luck.

That's it.

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$43 million worth free media, phew.. The initial brief was simple, a 30 second TVC, but like we vividly saw in 127 hours, only in distress does the human mind conjure something unimaginable, something that would have been flushed and forgotten, created a revolution and ended up being much more than what it actually was meant to be....

3 cheers to the brand and the agency... they just got lucky!!!


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it's good idea i like the case and it's damn true putty comes in S - M & Large i think every woman has the right 2 feel sexy , the campaign is great and i agree with u simon.gross ( If it had run as planned ) well done
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