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February 2013

Kashi: iPad Protein Calculator


Amazon Advertising created an iPad advertisement for Kashi to help SHAPE readers track the amount of protein they're getting every day. Featured in the January/February 2013 issue of SHAPE Magazine for the iPad, Kashi's application includes an engaging gaming component, where readers can catch various food and protein sources with a Kashi bowl. The ad tells the reader how much protein they caught, educates them about protein sources and invites them to use a personal calculator to figure out how much protein their body needs. The protein calculator uses a reader’s weight and activity level to provide a recommended daily protein amount. From there, the reader is invited to explore how Kashi can help them meet their daily protein requirement at The ad is designed to seamlessly toggle back and fourth between the Kashi website to SHAPE magazine.

Digital advertisment created by Amazon, United States for Kashi, within the category: Food.

Advertising Agency: Amazon Advertising, USA
Creative Director: Traci Shiro
Art Director: Mike Reed
Copywriter: Josh Finderup
Account Executive: Nicole Miesfeld
Producer: Eric Kozak
Development Partner: Apptitude
Art Buyer: Dennis Curry
Media Agency: Starcom

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