May 2010


Houthoff Buruma is a Dutch large independent law firm. Crucial to its medium and long term survival they need to compete for the most talented law students. Problem number one: there are less than say 200 talented people amongst 800 graduating students each year in the Netherlands, which makes competition fierce. Problem number two: how do you find the talented students since grades often has nothing to do with it? They made a serious game.

Creative Director: Jaap Bosman
Art Director: Marcus Vlaar
Copywriters: Jaap Bosman, Lisa Hakanson, Moniek Mulder, Marcus Vlaar, Bruno Jordaan, Andre Kuijpers
3D visuals / Video & Compositing: Basiel Jaspers
Photographer: Basiel Jaspers
Sound design: Roman Schönsee
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Almost 6 minutes of video to explain it?????
Maybe it's nice. But now you failed.

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morse's picture

That's pretty amazing. But this is not advertising. It's a recruitment tool. A test.

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That´s right morse.

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