Ways to get into a sports car

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March 2015

S660 ノリセツ (乗り方説明書) | NORI-SETSU


Nori-setsu, or riding instructions, proposes creative ways to get into a sports car. The video stars former gymnasts who acrobatically twist and turn into the car. Another scene shows them jumping into the car from 2 meters 20 centimeters high. The athletes can be seen jumping into a mock-up of the S660.

Digital advertisment created by Dentsu, Japan for Honda, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Dentsu, Japan

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Three jumps and then getting into the car would have been enough.

I'm gonna try say something positive

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I was not IMPRESSED. The real car only shows up at the end.

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I didn't got the idea of play gymnastic with small car, Honda could do more better ad than this, much over of doing movements, its take it to long ad with no understanding why. in my opinion you have to show as the opinions of this new car better than how you can jumping on it. i like the why of how getting new idea but its not for this ad. keep it up.

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Maybe it works for the Japanese, but not for me. Not at all.

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Seemingly off-topic and refreshing. Great.