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i like the viral. it was probably fun to make it.

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It is really too obvious they are walking on a catwalk. And it's really too obvious it's an ad.
Maybe organizing a fake international competition and make a reportage about it would have been better

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c'mon!! it's just another viral... and it's obvious it's an ad!
i had fun looking at it... the benefit of the product is really clear...
i think is ok... nothing great, but fun...

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I haqve seen worst things tahn this viral. I thiink it works and it is fun to watch. No doubt of it.

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Shadow Ops
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Guys...this ad is's already been picked up by Fox news this morning and sure to make the rounds on the media circuit. Well this will earn great exposure. Imagine convincing the client to do a faux nat geo bit on walking on water...I love it.

Let's keep advertising fun

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I bought it. Awesome job!!

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Man this video is cool... These guys are really funny because they are totally using an "extreme sport's video" language and kinda having a sarcastic humorous point of view of it.

They put an intentional fake vibe in this viral. I think it's pretty cooll.

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" fall, try again... you sink, try again... you die, let someone else try again... and again ;-))


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Awesome!! Saw this video earlier on youtube and totally bought it. Only the words "liquid mountaineering" had me doubtful. Sounded too much like what we would write than what would come from a sport geeks mouth. Now its confirmed its a promo I still want to try it, and try it again! :D Good show!

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I'd give this the gold, considering local news teams actually reported on this sport as if it were real. That is viral at its best.

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man, is that real?

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hahaha this aint real. this is all fake. ya r crazy to think this is real. you can tell they are walkin on somethin..well jk but ii believed it to be real at first too. they put on a great show..well done you guys well done..but ii wouldnt buy the shoes at all. they are not cute..they are ugly. i only wear cute shoes hun..nun ugly

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biyanwilla saman
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verry verry nice one dear