If your friend needed blood, would you donate?

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March 2012

Case Study Hematology Institute of Bahia


The Hematology Institute of Bahia needed to raise the number of blood donors. Since most Brazilians donate blood to close people and relatives we created a web banner integrated with a Facebook app. When connected to the social network the app randomly searched for one user’s friend. The banner’s message was customized with the following question: “If (friend’s name) needed blood now would you donate?”. The campaign concept concluded: “To donate you don’t need to know. Look for a blood bank in your city and donate.”

Digital advertisment created by Propeg, Brazil for Hematology Institute of Bahia, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Propeg, Brazil
Creative Directors: Fabiano Ribeiro, Ariston Quadros
Art Director: Bruno Lage
Copywriter: Junior Lisboa
Additional credits: Lilia Lopes, Vitor Barros, Mateus Simões, Eder Galindo, Maria Luiza Fraga, Caio Leão

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I got distracted by the lovely video.

I like the idea and very good result for a web banner.

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I don't think the stats at the end of your video are clear -- eg 'people impacted' is right after 'banner impressions' -- does 'people impacted' mean people who received blood as a direct result of your campaign? If yes, I think you should make this clear -- sounds like a great result.

But in the context, it looks like it could mean something else. Could even just mean 'banner clicks'. Obviously not quite the same.

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Joe Lemon
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I guess it worked, but how many of more people actually donated blood???