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May 2010


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For Internet, banners use animated gifs to create a budget 3D effect: the young and the comatose lie on train seats and other transportation, their unconscious bodies jiggling from engines or railway sleepers. The banners will be displayed on and Posters and postcards will appear in cities across the continent.

Digital advertisement created by KesselsKramer, Netherlands for Hans Brinker, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: KesselsKramer, Amsterdam
Creative Directors: Erik Kessels, Dave Bell
Art Direction: Erik Kessels
Copy: Dave Bell, Christian Bunyan
Production: Pieter Leendertse
Photography: Thomas Mailaender
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atb2005's picture

This is by far one of the most annoying web banners I've seen.

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capywriter's picture

not a big fan of these either, but they've had brilliant campaigns before. If you haven't seen those, you should definitely look those up.

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Copywriter at Freelance
Molecule's picture

the campaign is so-so funny, good insight though. I agree the banner is extremely annoying.

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Thzic's picture

love the visual style , it attracks the eye and
the image it self is great.

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Art Director at Wieden+kennedy Amsterdam
LeeHarvey's picture

Haha I think these banners are GREAT! They are like eye-magnets, fantastic, and much better than the print-campaign.

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Creative Director
live_comments's picture

lol! :)

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Guest's picture

Yeah... how does no-one notice that she looks like she's being victimized? Weird, gross and super disturbing. FAIL!

LeeHarvey's picture

That's your own little dirty mind my friend!

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Creative Director
clayology com's picture

quite good..!! the idea is sumthng new..but yeah.kind of depressing..i mean..budget hotels can be represented in better and more lively ways..this makes me wanna go off to sleep..!!zzzzz...

clayology com
Activity Score 245
Producer/Director at India |

Ads u create needs Attention!!

LeeHarvey's picture

The Hans Brinkers campaign has a history of depressing ads! It's cheap for a reason. Great campaign!

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Creative Director
Temple's picture

Excellent campaign.

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Creative Director
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