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September 2011

Google Gives


Google Gives lets users attach a charitable donation to any email needing a response. Once the recipient responds to the email, the donation is made.

Digital advertisment created by Miami Ad School, United States for Google, within the category: Electronics, Technology.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School NY, Brooklyn, USA
Creative Director: Zac Sax
Art Directors: Patrick Regan, David Nguyen, Jesús Reig
Copywriter: Bob Tallman

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sambuca's picture
Activity Score 1066


if i won't get an answer, i'll sen a second email. and if that still gets no answer, maybe i should have check who i am writing.
plus, who pays for it?
plus plus, what if the recipient answers to the same mail several times?
plus plus plus, that does not make the received email reliable, still they could answer bullshit.

kleenex's picture
Activity Score 50142

Well they probably have it so one response or 40 just pays the charity once.

Ceballos's picture
Activity Score 621

ANother impossible campaign by Miami Ad School.
By the way: how many Miami Ad School´s students have voted this?

jfg's picture
Activity Score 30

Now... who's paying for that?! Google?
Come on, get real.

That's an easy way to have ideas.
Just think of something cool that could win awards and make a video, regardless of its obvious flaws.

I quite like the "reply to an e-mail and something happens because of that" mechanics.
Maybe you could think of something else that could be done with that and that´s more interesting and real.

arthor's picture
Activity Score 513

How is this a form of advertising?

What are you trying to accomplish here? Even in the email, the example sends an email to people WITHIN gmail. It's just patting current users on the back for the sake of doing it. Seems like a poorly executed idea which has no need to be attached to google... why not a charity foundation and make this applicable to ANY email system....

BuGambit's picture
Activity Score 15

Holy crap, these are some of the most asinine comments I've ever seen. Did anyone bother to look at the work before commenting or did they just see that it was done by a group of ad school kids and start bashing it, with the video playing in the background so that they could convince themselves that they gave it a shot?

Why would you think that Google pays? They show a footnote on the email saying that David is making a donation to Make-A-Wish. If Google wanted to give money to charity they'd do it, and probably post it on their home page letting you know that they did.

And then someone wants to know how this is advertising? Yeah, how could a charity partnering with Gmail to put their name and message 1 click away from a couple hundred million users ever be considered advertising? Or how about Google creating a platform for giving to charity out of email ever get their name in the news and make people more aware of the brand?

I'm sure any email system could probably implement this but what's a better name for your project - Hotmail Helps? No one cares about it. It's student work, why not use a name that will get you attention. If Microsoft wanted the idea I'm sure the creators wouldn't refuse them claiming that this idea only works for Google.

The only half thought out critique was why would I have trouble getting a response to an email I sent. Maybe you don't. But sometimes a cold email to a recruiter or HR person gets ignored, it happens, so I could see that being a use case.

But seriously, all these comments sound the like disgruntled ramblings of account planners and junior creatives. If you want to critique something, have a point. And if you really want to critique something, have a helpful suggestion.

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I'm sorry people don't like your thing.


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Activity Score 1406

This demonstrates the problem most ad schools have. Not just MAS: They encourgae great creative ideas so much that they forget about the fact that when theyre in a rela job NO ONES GONNA DO THEM. Theyre too impossible, expensive or the client just wont want them. I went through that. Top at my school but when you get a real job you have to change.

madwoman's picture
Activity Score 3

I am not associated with Miami Ad School, but I can see this is a great idea: both in its simplicity and ambition - even if the specifics haven't been worked out.

I agree that in the industry, a lot of ideas like this are sacrificed because of the client, or budget or other real-world constraints, but if ad school isn't the time to explore creativity without these constraints, then when? Isn't it better to think big?

velle's picture
Activity Score 1550

i think this is a really good initiative.