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June 2012

Ford - Keyfree Login (case study)


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To illustrate all the benefit of Ford Keyfree technology, we created Ford Keyfree login. The first software that logs in and logs out automatically your web accounts using your smartphone as a key. No more facebook hacking, no more passwords to remember.

Digital advertisment created by Ogilvy, France for Ford, within the category: Automotive.

Advertising Agency: Ogilvy & Mather, Paris, France
Executive Creative Director: Chris Garbutt
Creative Director: Thierry Chiumino
Executive director / Head of digital: Frederic Levron
Art Directors / Copywriters: Eve Roussou, Julien Conter, Antoine Gauquelin
Creative technologist: David Raichman
Technical support: Michael Guichermet, Maxime Bentho
Production company: Chez Eddy
Director: Maxime Bruneel
Music: Apollo
Digital producer: Hugo Diaz
Strategic planner: Hadi Zabad
Executive director: Natalie Heckel
Account director: Amrita Bourdon
Account Manager: Xavier Delaporte
Software development: Jean Marc Leroux / Aerys

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Keyfree team
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Hi everyone.
The v1 of Keyfree Login was launched in April.
We're working on a new release. Stay tuned, new version coming soon.
The Keyfree team.

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It's a nice idea in theory, however I'm not sure it achieves its task of saving time.

First, it feels as if Ford are asking the user to do a lot to type in all their passwords again and download the app.

Second, the only passwords people need to know on a daily basis are around 5.

Third, most websites have your password saved if you ask them to 'remember me' or 'keep my password'.

Having said all that, the only true test is the download count.

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not a bad video.

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Shit, I wish I'd done that.

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Activity Score 10

I don't see the connection between the brand, their products (cars) and the App. This app cpuld be created by samsung or apple or even android, and could see better the conecction. It could be better if you used it to unlock and lock your car with your phone. Something's missing for me.

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Nike Diesel
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I'm sitting here with the same feeling.

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Digital Ad Museum
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Hmmm.. so what happens if I lost or forgot my phone somewhere? Not only do I lose my contacts and what not, but the thief gets an extra bonus when he approaches his computer, he gets into my email and facebook. neat!

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Yeah, just what does this have to do with the brand? Gives me no reason to buy the car other than keyfree. C'mon.