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October 2010

FedEx: Augmented reality


Digital advertisment created by BBDO, Philippines for FedEx, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: BBDO Guerrero, Philippines and New York, USA
CCO / Writer: David Guerrero
ECD / Writer: Simon Welsh
ECD / Art Director: Brandie Tan
CD / Writer: Pia Roxas Ocampo
ACD / Art Director: Dale Lopez
Digital Producer: Doug Stivers
Interactive Design & Development: Grow Interactive
Creative Director: Drew Ungvarsky
Art Director: Joe Branton
Interactive Producer: Eric Green
Interactive Director: Benjamin Mace
Flash Developers: Ricky Williams, Jeff Penano, Darius Pilapil
Animator: Jason Levesque
Design Production: Josh Newton
AR Developers: Edvin Besic, Mikael Emtinger
Sound Production: DRASTIC

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This use of augmented reality is getting old.

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It's to advanced. No one would actually do that.

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Activity Score 18024

This use of augmented reality is getting old.

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Activity Score 29860

Too Gimmicky


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

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Agree with morse, you need to have something extremely special with ar to impress.

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thanks for wasting paper.

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Activity Score 8

Augmented reality is a waste of time and money in my opinion. It's just like QR codes. Pointless!

Not sure I get the idea!? I feel this bit of technology could be used to be more engaging for the consumer, for example, you use fedex to deliver something, you then receive your receipt of delivery, on the receipt there's a picture of a globe, you can scan this globe to create augmented reality ( the globe you have just shown us), but the difference is this, you track your delivery and keep up to date as to where it is in the world and to see if it has been delivered to it's final destination....