February 2008



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Advertising Agency: Draft FCB, Orange County, USA
Chief Creative Officer: Chris D'Amico
Executive Creative Director: Scott Johnson
Creative Director: Teddy Brown
ACD / Copywriter: Brad Meyers
Copywriter: Zachary Schmitz
Art Director: Andrew Lincoln
Interactive Producer: Scott Davis
Broadcast producer: John Bleeden
Account Director: Leila Cesario
Account Executive: Shaun Pallardy
Interactive Studio Manager: Jason Mitton
Sr. Flash Developer: Kurt Suchomel
Flash Developer: John Polacek
Sr. Web Developer: Tome Rowe
Web Developer: Sally Rosen
Broadcast Studio Manager: Jennifer Ritchie

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quite nice

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nice gaijin
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hot. 'cause she's hot. get it? do you?! DO YOU GET IT?! 'CAUSE IT'S SO DAMN CLEVER!

I like their little random quips on the hot sauce, but this is retarded.

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How the mighty have fallen.
Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

Energizer Bunny arrested, charged with battery.

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i like it! nice and funny.

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check it out the real Daniella:,,OI2095429-EI7590,00.html
i saw her in live... of course she have great face and smile, but is not that hot like foreign people say... not for a brazilian guy.

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I'm loving the part where I get to shoot the chick. This still can't excuse the weak link back to the product (see 'nice gaijin' comment)

Should have kept that one in the bottom drawer and waited for a more appropriate brief.

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Borderline embarrassing for DraftFCB. Nothing new here. No connection to the brand, just tit-puffery.

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Message to Taco Bell advertising agency:

My name is Steve Schultz. I was official ghost-writer/premise writer for the late 1980s SAVED BY THE BELL TV series. I have documented proof to back up what I say,upon request. Was wondering if you would be interested in a new ad campaign for a kids meal, geared for the young and older alike. HERe goes: "Get saved by the bell @ Taco Bell." The saved kids meal will include a region one DVD video called: 'THE very best of SBTB.' THis will be a young adults DVD to get kids interested in the very best TEEN COMEDY of all time. Lizzie MCguire was a great program, but saved by the bell was the show that started it all. Am willing to sign a contract. IF by any chance you can't pay me for idea,at least put my name in the credits of the kids meal DVD. FOR example: DVD concept by STEVE SCHULTZ. I would like the credibility even if you can pay me for my idea. BUt i would like to partner with Taco Bell so we could both benefit mutually for my idea, as well as NBC. My wife's e-mail address that I use (I do not have one of my own) is PLease contact me and let me know if you would be willing to partner with me on my conceptual idea. I think it is a very captivating and cool idea myself. I guess you can say that I was "Thinking outside the bun." PLease contact me as soon as possible. THank you for y0ur gererous time.

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you want to memorize, people whose names you keep forgetting, countries you are invading but can’t remember the location and religious/ethnic demographics of. What to do? You could take

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This is Steve S. one more time. If the above comment was directed towards me,albeit incomplete,I have heard the same nonsense from my brothers time and again. SInce you believe u r so smart, I want u to prove that I never wrote the premise for saved by the bell. I want u to prove I never wrote the synopsis for Lizzie Mcguire. U r so jealous of my writing talents, all u can do is throw negative comments my way. Yes, I did get paid for my working for NBC. I never had to give up that check to another person, but I did cash it before I could have ever had the chance to photocopy it. The NBC logo was printed clear as day on the check also. I received various checks from different TV studios in the early 1990s. All because of the writing partnership I had with a friend of mine from the past. My mother seemed to be the only one on my side at that time. She showed me documented proof that some of the very best writers from the past and present had struggled with some form of mental issues related to severe depression. SHe gave Abe Lincoln as an example of a president who was a great writer, but yet he suffered with depression and mental anxiety.

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konya chat sohbetw Thanks , of my name

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Yet another line from me to the TACO BELL AD company,from STEVE SCHULTZ. As we all know, this is the 20th anniversary of SAVED BY THE BELL. I can't stress to you enough that I think an SBTB kids meal would make some good money for your eatery. Like I said above, a best of DVD would be cool to have in the meal package. Especially if it were hosted by MARIO LOPEZ,to ad the meal and to also ad your restaurant. He is a Mexican-american afterall, right? What better way to say "GET SAVED BY THE BELL AT TACO BELL." I think my idea is way cool. SO why is it I have not heard from you all yet? At least e-mail me to tell me yes or no. That should be easy. I have a brand new e-mail address by the way. It is the following. Please write me as soon as possible, to let me know what you think of my genuine idea. If you would like more info, just refer to my previous letters above. I d0 not think it would be very hard to tell me yes or no. It should be quite easy in my book. Thank you for your gracious time, and GOD BLESS.

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So your ground breaking 'big idea' for an ad is based solely around both Taco Bell and Saved by the Bell having the word Bell in them? (Oh, and a free dvd hosted by an American Mexican, just because Taco Bell is culturally an American Mexican franchise.) Are you kidding? You may be a fantastic writer but that does not mean you're an advertising or marketing genius and these flimsy coincidences (or gimmicks) seem to suggest you should stay well away from such an industry.

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