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October 2011


Yes. It's sooo lame to watch kitten & baby videos. Yes. It's sooo lame to share them. But we love it. And now, you can win jeans & gifts from DIESEL by watching these stupid stuff. We know, it's hard to understand but: BE STUPID! JeansLab, as Turkey distributor of DIESEL, just started a new campaign for DIESEL's last tagline: Be Stupid! Go to, connect with your Facebook account. Now your IQ is 200 points just like everybody else. Watch a kitten video. "Ohhh my gosssshhhh it's sooo cuuuuute!!!" and now your IQ is 199. Share it -thankz babe- and your IQ is 190. Comment it -"chubby cute pawzzz" and your IQ is 189.

Digital advertisment created by BIG/WDO LAB, Turkey for Diesel, within the category: Fashion.

Advertising agency: BIG/WDO LAB, Turkey
Creative Group Head: Taylan Yapıcı
Creative Director: H. Öner Şahin
Creative Group Head: Taylan
Creatives: Taylan Yapıcı, Sevkan Arıburnu, Gizem Göker, Eylül Dalgalı, Gökhan Düz
Strategy / Social Media: Beybin Esen
Development: Madde 22

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I hate spammy crap that have to be liked before continuing.

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You don't have to like. There's a X button or click anywhere on the website.

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Terms and Conditions:

Özlenir Giyim and BIG/ WDO LAB decline liability regarding possible IQ problems that may occur due to participation to the campaign.


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I think it's pretty awesome, cause for fashion it's hard to find relevance online. This did it well. I'm not sure about how well it works though, but that's another thing.