Christmas lights

January 2006


When Mason, Ohio's Carson Williams set up a video camera to record his music-synchronized Christmas light display, I'm sure he knew it was cool, but did he realize it would enthrall web video junkies like it did? The video, which shows Williams' 25,000-light display dancing in perfect sync with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra's bombastic "Wizards in Winter," seems so perfect that some people believed it was a series of stop-motion capture rather than real-time. In fact, the setup took the electrical engineer nearly two months and $10,000 to accomplish.

The Internet wasn't the only place Williams' work was noticed: Miller Brewing filmed his spectacle for a Miller Lite commercial ("Enjoy the Lites"), and the police eventually asked him to shut it down after local traffic escalated and at least one accident was caused.

You can see a longer and more elaborate version of the spectacle on google video.

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