The woman who can't watch movies

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March 2014

The woman who can´t watch movies, the documentary


The campaign starts with a "mockumentary", shooted in Nashville, and tells the story of the Wilhelm Scream (a sickening scream that appeared in more than 200 movie) through Linda Dotson Wooley, the real widow of its author, Sheb Wooley. To help her, CANAL+ Spain tells the world the story of the Wilhelm Scream and how it affects her life, and also creates the first scream bank for movies, a website where people can record their screams, so nobody will use the Wilhelm Scream again.

Digital advertisment created by FCB, Spain for Canal+, within the category: Media.

Advertising Agency: FCB, Spain / USA
Creative Directors: Pedro Soler, Eric Springer
Creatives: Beatriz Pedrosa, Peio Azkoaga, João Freitas
Producers: Brendan Kiernan, Steve Devore, Thomas Anderson, Kate Borkowski, Kepa Vizcay
Production Company: Helo
Director: Alex Grossman
Lighting: Seamus Tierney
Sound: Sam Tornero Pulido
Web Developers: Carlos Lainez, Miguel Iglesias
App Developers: Joan Arbó, Jorge Cubillo
Social Media Strategy: Mauro Rodriguez, Jose Olivares
Poster: Beatriz Pedrosa, Marian de la Fuente
Planner: Manuel López

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An axe murderer of ads.

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Really funny.

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This is a vital and worthy cause.