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September 2007
Cadbury Digital Ad -  Gorilla


Digital advertisement created by Fallon, United Kingdom for Cadbury, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Fallon London, UK
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Stewart's picture

predictable drum sequence

boring after the first viewing

this non sequitur [edited by admin for foul language] is getting old

mixolidia's picture

I don't know what your talking about Stewart. I love it. It' so funny. There is a bit of a build up and that could be the predictable part. But that build up is part of the gag. And it works with the tag line "A glass and a half full of joy".

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Art Director at Miami Ad School
eltipo's picture

i think its amazing.

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robotandspark's picture

i think stewart and myself must be the only people in the room that find this dull. no intrigue, no fun and no reward for perservering with the ad for 30 seconds. it just feels like being wacky for the sake of it.

and i hate the word wacky.

but if it sells a few more bars of chocolate then who am i to critique.....

Activity Score 22
Art Director at expression |

woooooooo...... an ad with no words!

thesonglessbird's picture

Words cannot express my dislike for this ad.

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Graphic Designer at City College, Manchester
Favete's picture

Talk to the Cannes Jury's hand.

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Consorcio Publicitario - Dir. Creativo |

Change it, change it now coz they will tomorrow.

Corbeen's picture


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sold's picture

for those who dont understand: this commercial was not made for you.
and, personally, i think this is the top level of communication, take the target in their senses, provocate reaction and feelings... and another things that you people can not see.
this is not to 'see the point', or you can feel it, or can not.
show this for normal people, that people who dont try to find a meaning in all advertising, that kind of people who dont understand your (and mine) work.
i show to some people like that, and i saw people get like rock, eyes open, taking the chair with their hands strong, almost pass the tongh by the lips, just instinct, pure instinct, is not to SAY or LISTEN, is just to FEEL IT. And when they saw what trademark is all about it, everyone almost COMMING (yes, in sex sense), and the signature with that milk falling... very subtle, very strong feeling, taste message.
well, i really really love this commercial.
this is the kind of ad i wish to see more and more: sensitive strong felling message.

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shaft_drive's picture

ah. you got it. great.

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Creative Director
Guest's picture

I couldn't agree more. If i am to explain what's the Ad of today, i'll describe this one.

It is an urban Ad. So contemporary.
Alluding but not showing openly, leting the viewer to ANTICIPATE and feel the message by his own.

As you said, top level of communication, those who really enjoy chocolate, not just take the first chocolate they see are aimed good.

The fact that it's horny gorilla, the preparation for the moment to come, your special moment, alluding to masturbation or cuming or sex - it's how every chocolate fanatic would describe the ritual of eating chocolate.

No special tricks and smartness, avoiding the intelectual and academic, emphasising the sensitiveness and the naiva (in its most positive manner).
Pure emotions. It's how i imagine a modern Ad should look like.

Corbeen's picture

stupid comment.Its so abstract level of comm. this is an ad that ruins this business . It can be for everything and it can be done by everyone. Its like video art, nothing else.
Its the meaning that provokes to buy not just sens. If it was done for mtv or something else I really dont know what right know, probably would be better. Perhaps... There is no diference between this and some stupid girls smileing for telecom industries both are meaningless , this is more fun and thas it.

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Guest's picture

Maybe you should be a businessman.

iT-iS-i's picture

This is some phat shit...

iT-iS-i, like an upside down ! mark.

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Copywriter |

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

whiskey's picture

This is just amazing!

There is nothing to understand or to explore in this advert.

The way gorilla starts playing drums it gives me same rush what chocolate does.

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Ken's picture

A brilliant add. I love the longer version.
So simple but so real. Just briliant.
Who ever thought of the idea fantastic.

Guest's picture

Many lols especially with the follow up ads. Like the fact they moved away from the whole chocolate = woman pattern, or showing the actual chocolate right infront of our faces. Proud to be British!

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