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where did they get the blonde from!!!

| everartz |

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andrej dwin
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casting agency?

more importantly: why is it even here? the game-plot is anything but new, the art direction and writing is terrible and (maybe just because I haven't seen the rest of the campaign or don't know the brand, but) I don't get what it has to do with a telecom company...
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AdArena: Sex Sells

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Christina Applegate look-a-like club.

Culture In Ads:

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Is it a game?
Actually I played with the widow

Saidu Karinga
The Idiot

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The girl IS hot, but as far as advergames go, the game play is not particularly engaging. Overall I'd rate this as a pretty weak advergame.


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china hick-ass town

bad animation, ovel all

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mokhalaka Kakudi

I want the little truck, what's it adding to the

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Guest commenter

i like the girl very much