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I say it worked since you had such a small audience to deal with.

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Remy Low
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This worked? How do you know that it worked because the numbers at the top of the page said so? The clicks, likes etc could have easily been bought. What is more important I believe is the idea of the campaign though, and this is where it is fundamentally wrong.

Rating an ad agency on the beauty of their woman?! If you can't see the flawed concept of this, you should probably go work in an industry that doesn't require you to think. You rate an agency on their work! If they were a strip club, or modeling agency, rating the woman there would be an logical thing to do. /rant

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I'd guess this could work -- get people having a look at the snaps. That's if I'm understanding the idea correctly -- I didn't watch the full video: I found it a bit of a drag. And I found the music gets in the way of listening to the VO.

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You must be kidding. Plz, bring back communism.