Amnesty Rescue, Call Of Duty MOD

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January 2012

Amnesty International: Amnesty Rescue, Call Of Duty MOD

Digital advertisment created by Strange Day, Netherlands for Amnesty International, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

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el d1eg0
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I hope you can develop it.

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Hope it's a mistake from you guys, because it's already done.

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only if you call being done; an entirely different concept, one that is also completely unrealistic I might add.
The only two things those concepts have in common is that they where made for amnesty and on first person shooter games.

You should not be so quick to call a foul.

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don't give me wrong.. it just looks a bit the same. ahh well maybe you're right.

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fake spotter
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@Lammbock @nonsense2

It's interesting because the file is replaced from that vimeo account. It's replaced one hour ago. You can see it on his vimeo account.
I hope it's a mistake from Philip Hovensjö!

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so you kill others in order to rescue a victim, do I get that right?
not very amnesty like to me ...

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Totally agree henito.
Applaud Amnesty for (presumably) trying to reach a new audience. But come on, how can the world's leading human rights charity use this as an analogy for what they do?? Is misleading and damaging to their cause.

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Nice idea by Amnesty International.

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The Philip Hovensjö version on does seem more amnesty-ish. However, the Call of Duty version generates money and won't irritate the gamers as much. This will hopefully activate the gamers in an constructive way.

Ads campaigns from public interest organizations are usually shocking and confronting to create awareness so I think this is a refreshing change to the usual horrorflick of humanity's cruelty.

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Am I the only one thinking this is just 40% of our work?

As in, just like for Donate a Word with Google, every one had that idea...

I don't like the fact that this is put on Adsoftheworld... Supposedly, I should only see "sold" ideas. Every creative that works in an agency knows that selling the idea is the hard part...

So either create or just stop posting that. It makes it look like it was sold and done. Which is totally not the case...

Don't get me wrong, it's a good idea. (felt like it needed to be said)

But wait, besides students and angry-not-hired-creatives, who goes on AotW these days??? :-)