Expedition 147

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December 2009

Lunatic Alfa Romeo 147 trip


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Using the codename 'Expedition 147', Alfa Romeo dives to the lowest point on earth - 11000 meters below sea level - to promote the lowest price ever to be advertised for an Alfa Romeo.

Digital advertisment created by Duval Guillaume, Belgium for Alfa Romeo, within the category: Automotive.

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the same sort of thing of the chair project from.... I cant even remember...
anyway, very interesting. it would be better if the made it backlit, pressure issues and a lack of budget i presume.

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This is extremely creative, but i highly doubt its practical use and functionality, to understand you have to watch the full video and its a little long, it might work virally trough the web but still the average viewing time is from 30 sec. to 3 minutes, after that the average viewer gets bored

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