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June 2007

Snickers: Hoedown

Audio advertisment created by BBDO, Australia for Snickers, within the category: Confectionery, Snacks.

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Melbourne, Australia
Creative Director: Emma Hill
Scriptwriters: Paul Reardon, Jonas Peterson
Agency Producer: Jaclyn Zurcas
Account Supervisors: Ricci Meldrum, Sue Clohesy, Nick Jackson
Production Company / Sound Studio: Nylon Studios
Sound Engineer: Dave Robertson
Music: Trent Williamson
Producer: Emma Hoy

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Guest's picture

No herb... if someone posted up the lyrics, than it all comes down to so damn hungry! (And a series of blank stares from mentioning Snickers!)

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Activity Score 275

Too long!! boring

chikky's picture
Activity Score 4

I can't believe they won grand prix for this. Dont deserve to be even nominated.

Mr Hughes's picture
Mr Hughes
Activity Score 386

Very funny - love it.

LAZ's picture
Activity Score 288

i don't get the grand prix went to this one. there are a lot better stuff out there.

desailly's picture
Activity Score 470

Fucking hell, that was a long build-up for that joke. Grand Prix my ass.

Chris's picture
Activity Score 1935

i agree, this doesnt deserve a grand prix

Caesar's picture
Activity Score 12

Thumbs Down.

futura's picture
Activity Score 148

Boring and annoying.

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

Very long indeed - but it's nice. Funny bits.

Swissy's picture
Activity Score 44

Didn't think it was funy at all just lengthy and lame.

hang-the-dj's picture
Activity Score 1262

It's not boring or annoying, I think people are getting upset because it got Gold and probably shouldn't have. It's still pretty funny, just not as amazing and you'd expect.

How could you fuck-up a 2 minute ad anyway? Surely any 2 minute ad is gonna win stuff.

I think Im good tats why Im here's picture
I think Im good...
Activity Score 48

I think it's a new take - and whoever was bitch'n about the whole build up - that's where the idea is, the brand, the freak'in product - it's a snack that keeps you full when you're realllllllllyyyy hungry - it works for the mid-older market segment (26 onwards). Maybe you should give it a try or win something at least.

I think Im good tats why Im here's picture
I think Im good...
Activity Score 48

jealousy stinks in here - shove one up your...

Beatboxer's picture
Activity Score 1517

Too long for that message.

The idea is freakin' good, but yes, CUT DOWN SOME SECONDS!!! Way too much Hoodley-Doodley...

Steeef's picture
Activity Score 135

I can't believe how long it takes to come to the point...


It doesn't deserve a Grant Prix

ChuckNorris's picture
Activity Score 834

maybe it's funny in australia.

Tapper's picture
Activity Score 490

Once again most comments confirm that most people on here really don't know what they are on about. If you don't rate that ad ... then you are a muppet. You don't have to like it, just rate it.

Strip. Strip. Strip.

fw's picture
Activity Score 7

Blow being funny, will it increase sales ?

Somehow I don't think so.

RM's picture
Activity Score 419

Yeah, I don't think anyone (public) would wait til the end, which in my book equals failure, award yes, results... are something to be desired. and No I'm not a suit!

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Activity Score 328

You guys are all missing one thing - it's terrifically well-executed. And that's why it won the Grand Prix.

No one would wait till the end? Why wouldn't they? When was the last time you heard a radio ad like this, wherever in the world you are?

I normally don't go for the "ads must work on the average person" argument (if I can get it, why can't the average person?), but this is clearly a case where ad people have blinders (earmuffs?) on. You listened till the end because you were waiting for the idea, and you thought it didn't live up to the buildup. The average person will listen to it because it's fun and funny.

Personally, I thought the idea doesn't live up to the buildup either. But it is fun and funny, and I'm betting that's what all the judges were thinking when they gave this the Grand Prix.

RM's picture
Activity Score 419

touche'! I agree, that jealous side of me sometimes gets the better, they won the award so well done to the two Aussies for ripping it up OS

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Activity Score 104

The queston isn't whether it's funny. Lots of radio spots are funny. We're talking Grand Prix here. The best of the best. And this spot isn't. I'd be shocked if it wins any other major awards. This belongs on the short list.

laylowmoe's picture
Activity Score 328

Actually, no. Lots of radio ads are NOT funny. They try to be, but just end up annoying. This one actually is.

And on top of that, it's fresh, both idea- and execution-wise.

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Activity Score 199

I'd like to see all you negative bastards' radio reel. Come on, submit them.

Artfreaks's picture

I actually think it's funny, and it's long because it has the idea inside, and it needs to be long to deliver the idea. I think it deserves an award. I agree, it is indeed well-executed, award-winning, strong radio ad. I think people who gave bad comments on this ad can't make a better ad than this.

Hana's picture

I am currently studying Advertising at Uni in Australia, and this ad was praised as one of the best radio ads ever made. It's VERY well-executed, has a catchy tune which, when listened to again and again, becomes EXTREMELY funny. It also plays on the cultural ethics of Australia vs. American hillbillys that don't seem apparent until you listen to it a few times. The satire is remarkable (".. the Big Brother house, and the gay guy too...") and it helped increase Snickers' sales by 9% (Which in the marketing world is very good for just one RADIO ad).

And I personally liked it myself :)

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Activity Score 3

Hmmmm...a 9% increase in sales from an ad that rumour has it...never aired?

Look it may have, but no one I know ever heard it play on any station.

Interesting to see how they were able to corrolate an increase in sales from one very short lived radio campaign, I'd like to meet the researchers and see who they surveyed.

Perhaps the vending machine in the agency sold out in double quicktime?

After speaking with one of the judges from Cannes, the Snickers spot polarised the panel.

Judges either loved it for its originality in terms of execution and unusally long spot length, or hated it for it's self indulgence and lengthy build up to what is a pretty underwhelming punchline.

At the end of the day, it is a certified world beater...and the challenge for every creative is to craft a spot that hasn't been heard before in another guise.

Too many radio ads follow a style guide and as funny or entertaining or thought provoking some of them are, if they fit a style guide you've heard before they're probably not original enough to win a Grand Prix at Cannes where hundreds of entries have to be shortlisted by a handful of judges in just a few hours.

Good on you Clemenger BBDO guys, congrats on a brave and thought provoking radio spot that breaks with convention.

The challenge for us all in Ad Land is to better your efforts next year:)

Guest's picture

No herb... if someone posted up the lyrics, than it all comes down to so damn hungry! (And a series of blank stares from mentioning Snickers!)