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June 2009
Zuji Ambient Ad -  Beans


Zuji, one of the world's largest online travel companies needed to drive more people to their website. They needed to get people thinking about booking a holiday when the world financial crisis was looming and saving money for a holiday was not at the top of people's minds.

We came up with the strategy 'Helping Holidays Happen'. From there we discovered the best way to help people was to save them money for a holiday. We began creating everyday products and selling them at a very low price, this way people could save more money for their holiday. We began by producing Zuji Beans and selling them for just 10c a can. From our factory doors Zuji Beans were transported and sold in Zuji Bean shops throughout the country. The campaign grew to include above-the-line advertising, delivery trucks and even our very own Zuji Bean staff members.

The first major shipment of Zuji Beans were sold out in the first month and as a direct result, the Zuji website recorded a 38% increase in search traffic. The website experienced the highest number of hits it had ever had in that time and Zuji Beans became a hit on over 3, 550 blog sites nation wide. After the massive success of Zuji Beans the client extended the ‘Helping Holidays Happen’ campaign to include the entire Asia-Pacific region. With thousands of Zuji Bean cans now kept in cupboards across Australia, the Zuji brand is now literally a household name.

Why the method of promotion was most relevant to the service:
During the financial crisis people had forgotten about holidays as an option and we needed to remind them that Zuji was the brand that helped them go. With promotion we could be topical, saving people money with Zuji Beans when they most needed it. Promotion also allowed us to advertise to our market at the right time - when it was holiday season. The interactive nature of promotion allowed us to set up Zuji Bean shops and sell the beans, which enabled the Zuji brand to enter the food cupboards and households of consumers all across the country.

Ambient advertisement created by Happy Soldiers, Australia for Zuji, within the category: Transport.

Advertising Agency: Happy Soldiers, Sydney, Australia
Advertising Agency: The Hallway/1220 Redfern, Australia
Creative Direction: Happy Soldiers
Copy: Happy Soldiers
Art Direction: Happy Soldiers
Group Account Director: Jules Hall
Producer: Tom Hull
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cwiss's picture

Similar to the Harvey Nichols thought which was done a few years back where they did a series of loads of photos of beans on toast and then a pair of jimmy choos another was a big jigaw slowly getting completed over time and once it was complete a posh frock. thought that was a bit nicer than this execution. guess a different market. ok i'm rambling.

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R u nuts??? That was a print ad that said that to buy a pair of exclusive shoes at HN, u need to save up by eating just beans the whole month. This, on the other hand is just making a necessary product cheap and making them save to a little extent. Anywez, i think the whole thing is a little weird. Different though.

NatalieM's picture

Interesting. I like the spin.


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Pccs's picture

Great idea, but after the people save on their beans, are thay actually using that money to travel now? how is that working? I hope that its working good, because its a great idea.

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sirvan's picture

That's definitely some spin alright. Innovative, and well done... but a bit convoluted for my taste.

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even if people dont use that money saved to travel finally, their agreements and interests on this thought can help zuji brand famous...

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Beans are gross.

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velle's picture

what this does is get right into the hands, and then in the face of the most influential decision-maker when it comes to planning family holidays (for the most part) : mom

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