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total scam. and the results are vague with weasels.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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it's like exposing those poor people by placing a mat in front of them....i feel sad..

"you are valued for your value so be valuable..."

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total scam. and the results are vague with weasels.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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I had a mate do this same thing at college, and I felt a little uncomfortable with it then, his photos - of tramps with the doormats and standing lamps and stuff were tough to take, cos the homeless folk felt offended by it.

Its an intersting train of thought, but perhaps it should step back a bit and try it from another angle.

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Even though the homeles will ultimately benefit from the publicity, it nonetheless feels very wrong to "use" them in such a way. They're not props, they're people. How will they feel when they wake up and find themselves in the middle of a guerrila ad without their permission? It's taking away their say in their own lives.

It's hard to diss the idea completely, as non-profits need all the help they can get and it's hard to stand out when there are so many organizations soliciting one pot of money. But I agree - it should be taken from another angle.

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completely tasteless

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Probably see it from the angle of the passerby that usually ignores the homeless and is suddenly caught off guard. Non profits need all the help they can get.

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It makes me feel bad for those poor people but at the same time I think it s making the situation even worse for them. They are used and being pushed down even more.

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On Oct 4, 2001, a couple of people on the board of Hogar Padre Venard decided to open its first (and to this day) only facility: some showers for the homeless of Viejo San Juan (drug addicts, alcoholics, emotionally disturbed men and women) in La Perla, a small neighborhood off Viejo San Juan, where the police is afraid to go and drugs are sold. Las Duchas (the showers) are opened every Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings from 7:30 am till 12 pm and staffed entirely by volunteer men and women. Between 30 and 40 homeless show up for a shower, a change of clothes, something to eat and drink, and a moment of conviviality with whomever happens to be there.
Las Duchas run entirely on donations, whether of time, money, clothes, food, and medicines.
Hopefully this ad campaign will help both Hogar Padre Venard and Las Duchas. My experience however is that the people who come down to Las Duchas to help either love it (and stay) or are thoroughly turned off (and never returns).