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June 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Struck, United States for Wasatch Fencing Academy, within the category: Education.

Advertising Agency: Struck, USA
Creative Director: Steve Driggs
Art Director: Brandon Knowlden

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Brendon, I believe the word you are looking for is 'touché'.

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leaking bucket.
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I've seen this exact idea here before. Ivan, do you have a link by any chance?

I like it but the only problem is how many new cars have these old types of antennas - very few. And I wouldn't think the target drives around in old cars.

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I hate saying something has been done but this was done and the original did recieve a lot of press in the books. I am also questioning if this was actually produced. If so why not shoot an actually piece rather than having to photoshop it. On a more positive note and the thing I like so much about Struck's work is that it not only has an interesting concept but they went the extra mile and really put the time into the design.

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done already? pity.

but I love the idea... whoever did it first...

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I believe it was Rethink for the BC Fencing Assoc. It's in their Archive section...

Definitely done but I think the Struck design is pretty sweet.

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The art director on this new one also commented on the old one. Interesting.

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"Submitted by bknowlden on Sun, 2007-04-01 12:59.
I agree wit hthe antenna thing, but ask yourself this, wouldn't it annoy you if you saw this thing on every single car? I think by only putting them on 10-20% of the cars in a car lot, dispersed through out, it would generate a good effect.


Total hack.

What's worse is that when Rethink did it, it sucked then, too.

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I know Brandon. He probably meant this whole thing as a joke. Made me smile. :)

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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From now on, I'll try to be mindful of those ads that were conceivably done as a complete joke so I won't be wasting my time commenting on them. ; )

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Thanks for the support Ivan. And to the rest of AOW, I genuinely thought this was an original idea. I do everything I can to uphold the integrity our industry is known to lack. I cursed up and down when I saw that Rethink had done the idea, and then when I realized that I had in fact seen the idea for myself and nonetheless commented on it, I was nothing short of ashamed.

I'd like to think I came up with it on my own, but it was obviously somewhere in the back of my head after having judged it for myself some time last year. I didn't mean for it to seem like I stole the idea, sorry guys.

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Hey Brandon -

You say you genuinely thought this was an original idea. It's clear that it's not. AND frankly, it's clear you stole it from Rethink.

I'm just curious why you still have it in your book (

Did you genuinely think you took it out of your book but forgot?

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Dude, that makes no sense. You thought it was an original idea, yet the whole time you were designing your version of the exact same idea, you forgot that you not only saw it but commented on it—twice—on the same website that you posted yours on?

I think you forgot that you commented on it, and hoped that enough time had passed that everyone else forgot about rethink's original idea.

Not good, my friend.

Copy_Can's picture

Nope, sorry Ivan.

Insert another quarter and try again.

Think about it: Would he really play a joke by referencing his CD along with the agency he's working at now?

On a bigger scale: He admits to the error. But what's more shocking is that once you see an ad you like, or is unique, you remember it. Just like all of us who remembered it as the Rethink ad to the point where one person posted a link to the work.

In my opinion, I think Brandon knew all along of the ad Rethink did. I think he forgot that he commented on it prior.

That's my two cents.

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That's simply embarrassing.

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Audrius Kubrik
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if it's 10 or whatever percent cars with the antenna that will generate the "effect", why the heck did they photoshop the antenna and the poster on it? is it because they are lazy or they actually haven't found not one such car around and there really isn't 10% of them?

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there's no idea here, just 'cus a car antennae looks like a fencing sword doesnt mean it should be advertised as one, sorry, doesnt work for me.

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Stateoftheart I hope you're not a creative. this is an interesting way to get a message out there that people will take note and REMEMBER. The whole point of this business we are in. Not only does it have an interesting execution it also has a nice design that gives it appeal.

I just hate that its been done before.

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You know what this ad made me remember:

1. It's already been done, and said art director of this ad commented on the already executed ad (see above posts)
2. These types of antennas exist on only 1% of new cars as most new cars either have a whip antenna on the rear windshield (near the roof), or one integrated into the rear windshield altogether.

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Well it's a subjective business isn't it.

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Audrius Kubrik
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and i think you may (or actually would, if it had been real) need a ladder to crawl up and put the poster there.

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Good eye for opportunity. Looks like a scam by the way.

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This is the dogwalkerest dogwalker of dogwalker ads.

And cars don't have this kind of antenna anymore.


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Brendon, I believe the word you are looking for is 'touché'.

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