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Also, check out the ever growing collection of creative business cards.

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andrej dwin
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isn't it a problem for someone with asthma to blow up a balloon?
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BOOM! there goes the card.
anyone who really needs a doc is excluded.

oh, and i don't like girls with sideburns.

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I like it! But i think someone with asthma has a problem blowing up the balloon.. ;-)

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Hey i think this is a really neat idea.

Everyone knows that an asthamatic can blow balloons but not very easily.
If you're an asthamatic trying to blow this balloon and you have a tough time doing so, then this works as a test helping you detect a chest issue which you probably did not know about. Hence urging you to visit this Chest Physician.

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I think this is a fabulous idea, Super!

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I think this a very good idea.Because the balloon which is a visiting card for a chest physician that is only legible when inflated demonstrates how important it is to have healthy lungs.

This is truly breakthrough stuff.

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A very good thought. as it will help patient to do exercise as well as check their asthma level.

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Out of the Box... Great Thought... I completely agree with Simran's POV...

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Am I supposed to believe that Dr. Niphadkar really approached Ogilvy for a business card? Yeah right. But a nice idea never-the-less.

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dr. nahasamatapetilan's buddy-buddy with the cd's. i know because i frequent the same gay bar as them.

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....Method in Madness....

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Good idea......u can use condoms also.

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Ron Jeremy
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Oh come on. If you're going to do something scammy at least do something good.

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Gr8 idea.

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there is improvement but what about headache what should be done for headache