Verb Yellowball

June 2007

Cannes Lions 2007 Direct Gold Winner

We created the ultimate, kid-targeted direct response vehicle. VERB delivered 500,000 yellow balls directly into kids' hands. They looked ordinary. But each ball carried a unique code and instructed kids to play with the ball, enter the code at the VERB website and blog their story, then pass their ball on to another kid. The balls drew kids into an on-line and off-line community dedicated to spreading play. Kids could post a blog, read the stories from all across the country and track their ball's journey. The ball was our response device. And we created a variety of innovative ways to get them directly into the hands of our target.

Advertising Agency: Arc Worldwide, Chicago, USA
SVP / Group Creative Director: Chris Cancilla
Creative Director: Tony Fuller
Senior Copywriter: Brian Bennet
Copywriter: Dave Kuhl
Senior Art Director: Kyle Baer
Art Director: Katie Wienke
Account Director: Stella Kusner
Account Supervisors: Adriana Janutka, Amy Mikel
Planning and Research Supervisor: Michelle Lund

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Made Of Ideas's picture
Made Of Ideas
Activity Score 100

I love it! It such a great idea and the art direction is fun.

TopJeff's picture
Activity Score 479

Spectacular! It's so interactive and distinctive and a really creative way to combine online and offline media.


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kyao888's picture
Activity Score 127

This is great! I can see this for teenagers and even for adults but with different colors for each age group.

Where can we get the ball?

Preface Media, Inc.
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Blahg's picture
Activity Score 616

Great execution but the idea seems a tribute to "Where's George?" and "Where's Willy".

This was a fad a couple years ago. I STILL find $5 bills that have written in pen on them "".

Babi's picture
Activity Score 152

This is so nice!
I love the community creating side of the operation. It is a wonderful idea and it seems to have been working.

Joe76's picture
Activity Score 762

This is awesome!!! Really great job!!!

Spanky's picture
Activity Score 4899

great strategy. not much here creatively. wish the posters had been more interesting.