The V Motion Project, Can't Help Myself

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July 2012


By hacking Kinect motion tracking software and combining it with audio production software, the V Motion Project created a tool that could transform the body's movements into music.

Ambient advertisement created by BBDO, New Zealand for V Energy Drink, within the category: Non-Alcoholic Drinks.

Also watch the official music video:
Advertising Agency:">Colenso BBDO, New Zealand
Creative Chairman: Nick Worthington
Creative Director:">Aaron Turk
Art Directors:">Lachlan Palmer-Hubbard,">Jae Morrison
Copywriter:">Graeme Clarke
Agency Producers:">Paul Courtney,">Rob Linkhorn
Account Team: Tim Ellis, Samantha Parsons, Stefanie Robertson, Eileen Cosgrove-Moloney
Production Company: Thick As Thieves / Assembly
Directors:">Zoe McIntosh,">Jonny Kofoed,">Matt Von Trott
Producers:">Nik Beachman,">Amanda Chambers
Developers: Paul Sanderson, Jeff Nusz, Mike Delucchi
Music: Joel Little / Golden Age Studio / Level Two Music
Motion Artist: Joshua Cesan / Identity Dance Crew
Sound Design: James Hayday / Images & Sound
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Pretty cool.

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Don't get me wrong: it's an awesome art installation, but is it selling anything? But for a few obligatory consumption shots, this has nothing to do with the product. It's just fun to look at.

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yep... That is my problem with the spot.

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Awesome as hell. But no obvious link to the product. A piece of fail IMO.

Nike Diesel
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20 - for concept and engineering,
2 - for lack of relevance to the brand.

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Art Director at Lime Lite Studio |

Make the logo Bigger and the black, Darker!

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Its relevant to the "supposed" brand, but the problem is the absence of the brand.

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Everybody is creative, be yourself.