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October 2008

270,000 trees are flushed down the toilet or end up as garbage every day around the world.
Use tissues sparingly.

Advertising Agency: DDB, Muscat, Oman
Creative Director: Mahesh Anvekar
Art Director: Pravin Amudan
Copywriter: Santu Sakar
Graphic Designer: Nilesh Ayare

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i like it

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Crisp One
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put this by the "john" to encourage people not to plug up the damn thing.

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It's not smart placement my opinion. The tree is not being reduced or anything. It remains the same size. Doesn't deliver the message.

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Done four years ago, and that one actually reduces.

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Activity Score 229

i like it

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270,000 tree's, that's not much worldwide in my oppinion, not how they make it look. 6 billion people only 270,00 tree's.

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It's a great idea...but perhaps the headline should have been more hard-hitting. Maybe something like 'Without a tree, you may run out of toilet paper'. Thoughts, anyone?

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This is a nice idea executed badly. Would be better if the tree trunk was on the ground.
But nice try.

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Hi all. Thanks for your feedback. A number of people have said that the layout / execution of the 'ad' was bad. I would like to point out that this wasn't an ad. It was an ambient media placement.

We had a wall-mounted tissue roll dispenser and people were using it indiscriminately. So we just put a wrap that looked like a tree trunk around the dispenser.

Since the dispenser was wall-mounted and there was no other way of placing it, placing the trunk on the ground - like hal9000 suggested - was not an option.

While the low resolution JPG on this website may not be clear, the actual 3D piece that was put up was of a much better quality - the piece looked like an actual trunk!

With regards to this being done 4 years ago, well - honestly, we did not know about it till one of you pointed out. And yes, that one does 'reduce' as the tissues are being used up. This execution doesn't reduce. But then this is a different way of executing it, right?

Anyway, glad to see so many posts. It is always nice to hear constructive feedback. Thanks again, guys!

DDB, Oman.

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good concept. sad layout

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really good

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It is absolutely normal for an agency to have a few great campaigns and a few that suck... I really don't understand why is DDB getting so personal about everyone's comments? Why not simply accept that the campaign was a bomb and it sucked big time! There is always a new client and another day in every agency!!! Peace!

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