Trash cans

May 2006

Café Brazil, Auckland's most awarded caffeine dispensary, recently caused a stir with a bold ambient campaign.

Trash cans for a block either side of the café on K Road were dressed up as giant takeout coffee cups, complete with oversized wooden stirrers. Authentic-looking cardboard cup holders featured the message 'Coffee taste like crap?' An arrow pointed up the road towards "Brazil, K Road's best."

By sheer coincidence, one of the specially-dressed trash cans happened to be outside a branch of Starbucks. Staff from the star-spangled champion of good coffee failed to see the humor involved - and shredded the offending material before stamping it into the trash can.

Client: Café Brazil
Advertising Agency: Draft New Zealand
Creatives: Tony Clewett and Rob Banks
Account service: Martin Scragg

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thenewguy's picture
Activity Score 127

"Coffee taste like crap?" actually implies "does." It omits it because it's a casual question. I think it's a good campaign. Of course they can always be better, but, sticking one outside a Starbucks, great humour.

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boldness of the idea gets it where it intends to be