November 2007


The south-west of The Hague is a post-war area that suffered from a bad image for a long time. The small houses didn't rise up to the high standards people demand for their home. That's why the district decided to renovate the area thoroughly. The renovation started in 2002. Now this area is the most spacious part of The Hague. The campaign 'Live more spaciously in the south-west of The Hague' supports this renovation. One part of this campaign takes place on the tram. A medium that is often used by the target-group and visualizes the narrow character of the city. The tram is expanded, so the illusion arises that more space was created. In the tram you experience the space that the south-west of The Hague has to offer you.


Live more spaciously.

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Ok i finally got it, hard to understand without knowing how big was the tram before. But i think this will have a great impact, it reflects flawlessly the update of that part of Hauge.

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