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Disco Munky
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I like the idea of hijacking live TV, but I'd have liked to see them hit several stations and feeds over the course of a day or few days.

This just feels like a one off Jackass stunt.

But the idea is good, more people should do it, even if it's just for themselves.

"Make a name, or be defamed"

Doin' it for the points

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agree with disco monkey on this

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yeah totally agree with the disco munk.

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awesome boys good onya

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That dudes eyeballs are way too big for his head.

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All I could read was "Free placement on LIVE TV"... not what it is actually for... Nice idea, but didn't give the best result...

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Dude, It's an mpeg. This was on people's TVs which are about 20 times the size. If you live in Australia, you saw this on TV and definitely got it. It was pretty cool.

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i cant believe the tv hosts trying hard to pretend nothing happened...


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really cleaver.