What a person can miss the machine will find

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April 2011

The Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors: What a person can miss the machine will find

Ambient advertisment created by Euro RSCG, Poland for The Polish Federation of Cancer Survivors, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: EuroRSCG Warsaw, Poland
Creative Director: Jacek Szulecki
Art Director: Rafal Rys
Copywriter: Magda Banasik
Group Account Director: Agnieszka Wichracka
Account Executive: Magda Majczyna
Account Director: Malgorzata Begier

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Activity Score 51022

Great idea..

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Activity Score 1866

Nice idea, but I'd be furious if I'd be considered a shop-lifter by the other unaware customers, even for a split second.

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Activity Score 1387

nice idea, but didnt seem to go beyond


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Activity Score 1455

Nobody wants to feel itself a thief.

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Activity Score 4535

Quite original way to grab women's attention.

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Activity Score 1174

A really clever and innovative way to get noticed, but as some of you have pointed out already - it may cause some negative feelings at first, so it's crucial how the final message is delivered.

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Activity Score 3935

really good, despite the lines aren´t totally in line with the concept.

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Activity Score 13557

Exactly how MANY people "beeped" a day? 50? 100? More? Imagine all the beeping that goes on. Also, I'd hate to be one of those trained volunteers who would have to explain over and over and over again that this is just a campaign. I much prefer this other campaign (no beeping, no shocked customers, etc):

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Activity Score 7

nice original stunt, PR & amplification worthy.

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Hammad S
Activity Score 484

Great idea but it seemed like the women got distracted by the event by laughing and whatnot...didn't seem like they cared.
But I don't think they really liked being stopped after shopping for underwear, esp when guys were around...but women in that location could be different (like how girls in California, or San Fran, don't blush as much as women in Canada).
But getting even one person is a victory.

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Activity Score 18

Whether they cared or not, it's on the customers decision. The goal is to make them aware. And it's met.

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Activity Score 1926

great!!!! so simple and clever....just need to see the screen-thumbnail and the client and i know how it works...

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Activity Score 189

The idea is interesting... I'm not pretty sure of the real impact, but why not?
The only problem is for the partners shops and the security agents : how can you know if there's a real thief among the women??

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Very nice!