The Manhole Campaign

September 2007

Karlstadsbuss is the Public Transport company in the City of Karlstad. This guerrilla campaign shows the citizens of Karlstad the new bus routes and numbers (on the right streets) on a large number of manhole covers all over Karlstad.

Advertising Agency: Spenat, Karlstad, Sweden
Art Director: Andreas Österlund
Copywriter: Mats Åstrand
Account Manager: Kalle Olsson
Illustrator: Sara Persson
Final art: Helena Johansson, Eva Andersson

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andrej dwin's picture
andrej dwin
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I don't get it.
they changed the routes and number of all buses so you've put stickers all around the city making a map of the new routes? is karlstad so small there were never two or even more buses running on one street?
and how was this supposed to help people? let's say you'd run into a number on a manhole cover and know that such and such line has a stop nearby. but you still have little idea where it will take you, don't you?
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Astrand's picture

Hi Andrej!
My english explanation wasn´t very clear. This campaign is the firt step of 3 and we wanted to create som curiosity. We put the stickers on the right roads, and of course severel routes runs on the same streets, even if Karlstad is a smalll town. The campaign is not a complete map, just a teaser. / Mats

D-dorf's picture

Hey Mats! Nice idea + beautiful stunt, I think it works well to create some curiosity. 'd love to see the other ones, too!
Lars /D-dorf

kurtberengeiger's picture
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Karlstad is not a "small town", it's a village... ;)
But this is a nice idea none the less. Let's see the other phases of the campaign...