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February 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Rethink, Canada for Stihl, within the category: House, Garden.

Advertising Agency: Rethink Communications, Canada
Creative Directors: Chris Staples, Ian Grais
Art Director: David de Haas
Copywriter: Katie Ainsworth

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Activity Score 551

very nice.

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Mtl Dave
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A.G. Pennypacker
Activity Score 607

I love this freakin' agency. They absolutely get it!

Copy_Can's picture

Why wouldn't the guy just take the freakn' chain saw? And how in the world would he get up there?

As far as "someone arrived one morning and took the coupon", I call bull.

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Activity Score 498

Sure looks good on this awards layout though, dunnit?

Copy_Can's picture

Unfortunately, it probably may.

Although I'd definitely call hack on this STHIL ad if I were a judge on the awarding panel.

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Kinda nice.
But is the 'show' only for one day?
Is the chainsaw waterproof?


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I love it

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Very similar in execution to the Heinz billboard that said 'Any food tastes supreme with Heinz' where they had a guy eat the billboard over four days. (Can't find the link, I have the images but no clue how to paste images here).
But having said that, I think this idea is still great. Who cares if the execution is similar, it totally works for this brand. Good show guys.

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well, one of the first posts in a while to get a reaction out of me. Very nice.

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hope to see more of you! :)

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daniel ieraci
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Very nice piece. I would love seeing this in action, although I understand the issue with it being a one-off event that can easily be missed by lots of potential viewers.

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I love Rethink.

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I really like the concept of this ad but i wish they would have indicated that it was a coupon so that after the demonstration is over, the viewer would still know that it was a coupon... something like "see coupon below" or scissors to indicate that it had been cut.. because what's there after the coupon is missing?

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not likely that the audience would be there to witness the coupon removal.