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June 2009
Special Olympics Ambient Ad -  Message relay


1. Client’s orientation points: Raise awareness of the Special Olympics in Japan effectively using a limited budget.
Describe how the promotion developed from concept to implementation:
2. Solution: Produce a “message baton” using the idea of a baton for sports competition and engraving this with a message. Spread the message through a baton relay of handing it from one person to another. This revolutionary idea makes this an ongoing campaign without spending any money.

Client evaluation: The clients raved that it was the most innovative idea they have ever seen. Media coverage: In media value the baton starting ceremony picked up by newspapers and TV accounts for approximately $112,000 in free publicity.

Why the method of promotion was most relevant to the service:
3. Strategy validity: We were able to send a deep and impactful message through people without using money as other campaigns do. It provides a heart warming moment to many people almost as if it were a present from a stranger.

Ambient advertisement created by Shigaya-Gumi, Japan for Special Olympics, within the category: Other.

Advertising Agency: Shigaya-Gumi Tokyo, Japan
2nd Sales Promotion / Advertising Agency: Rhizomatiks, Tokyo, Japan
Creative Director: Koichi Shigaya Shigaya-Gumi
Art Director: Shintaro Hashimoto Shigaya-Gumi
Copywriters: Saori Yanagida, Haruyuki Takano Shigaya-Gumi
Producer: Seiichi Saito Rhizomatiks
Web Director: Daisuke Nakahama Rhizomatiks
Flash Coder: Hiroyuki Hori Rhizomatiks
Technical Director: Hidenori Chiba Rhizomatiks
Documentation Producer: Noboru Shishidoh Shigaya-Gumi
Documentation Director: Toshihikotakenaka Shigaya-Gumi
Documentation P.manager: Keisuke Ohyoshi Shigaya-Gumi
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Pccs's picture

Was there only one baton, what if it got lost? or am i just stupid?, and what did you do to get the media attention in the first place? Good idea, excellent if you didnt spend much money, reminds me off the yellow balls cannes winner 2008, works just as good.

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Guest's picture

There is guarantee or reason to pass it along. What's stopping someone from throwing it away or putting it in a keepsake box?

Guest's picture

There is NO guarantee...

Guest's picture

good idea on creating a huge impact on a low budget. lets pray the baton doesn't get lost.

houqiaoli's picture

what a good souvenir to cherish.....i would keep it up if i get it......who knows....? hahaha...

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