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Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

nice, but not WOW. Clear message and nothing more...

merloblues's picture
Activity Score 10

why chalkings? i'd rather use paint!
and maybe, in the shootings, i'd not shot the junkie's alcohol bottle in the payphone...

Crayon's picture
Activity Score 163

agree about bottle. As for paint - i don't think it could help 'em to create stronger visual effect.

hesjusthisguy's picture
Activity Score 32

I guess they used chalk to help avoid being labeled as graffiti Wasn't there a bit of backlash from a computer game that recently painted the streets (they used the biohazzard symbol)?

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Activity Score 6692

They have retro arcade games. They show retro arcade games. On the floor. I'm impressed.

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Activity Score 56

I actually thought this campaign was pretty good. Made me laugh and got the message across.

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Activity Score 1430

hmm reminds me of the little stunt me and my friends pulled.

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam