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December 2009

The Task: As ugly as expensive: Scratches in the metallic paint always hurt the driver’s soul even more than overpriced gasoline or the obligatory evening rush hour.

The solution: Changing the smart body panels is fast and cheap. As proof a number of smart dealers scratched the car doors of several brand new smart fortwo for this promotion. By being placed in pedestrian zones, in front of shopping malls and other well attended places of the city the cars caused plenty of surprised faces.

The result: An increasing number of test drives at the smart centers in the participating cities. And of course less fear to park the smart fortwo directly in front of the entrance during the next shopping spree.

Ambient advertisment created by BBDO, Germany for Smart, within the category: Automotive.

The scratched text gives the answer: "Bodypanel Change. Now at your smart dealer. 49 €"
Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany
Creative Directors: Toygar Bazarkaya, Ton Hollander
Art Director: Florian Zwinge
Copywriter: Christian Ole Puls

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rabbitz's picture
Activity Score 464

really nice idea.

but i doubt the security of this car since the body panel is so easy to change and cheap.

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

I bet you 10 euros (sorry that's all I got) that nobody saw this. at all.

agency people posing as innocent by-passers is just lame.

sirvan's picture
Activity Score 29860

It's the new "ambiant"! ...just wait, there will be a well-produced video for the award shows, with funky music, surprised passerby, and amazing "results"!


"I love some things, and don't love some other things."

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

oh... you're right. silly me.

can't wait to see "results". the number of visitors of the nearby dealer grew 140% (agency guy brought a girlfriend and a dog)

netei's picture
Activity Score 215

1. Idea: nice but DONE before
2. On how many cars did you do this? :)))))
oh... nice execution

AssassinX's picture
Activity Score 1329

Nice and simple. Yeah it's obviously not a fresh n original idea but I think this campaign can meet the client's requirements, therefore it's good.

Schirone's picture
Activity Score 98


i'm here because i'm procrastinating

theshekhar's picture
Activity Score 20


Blashyrkh's picture
Activity Score 32890

Well, I fear those people who have no fear.