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Not bad but what if the kid gets stuck or burns his bum?

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or pee...

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Pretty nice.

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That's a terrible Photoshop job.

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so now kids would think they can slide from their mums' hair anytime.

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ming the merciless
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So am I looking at a Photoshop job or did it actually run?

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photoshop job

if the angle of the shot was a bit more to the side, hidding the front of the slide, the effect of the idea would seem nicer.

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ming the merciless
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I thought you had to post real ads on this site?

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I couldn't tell its photoshop, if it really is. Otherwise I try to post real things.

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Lorem Ipsum
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she looks like mickey mouse

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Dear folks, this is not a photoshop job otherwise entire art are of this ambient could have been better. In fact, a huge cut-out of a woman with long hair was placed on the side of a slide to highlight the brand end benefit. it was targeted to women who frequent these children's park with thier wards.

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sorry, but that is most definitely a horrible photoshop job..there is no way that is a big cut-out. just look at where it meets the sand....

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I don't think anybody here is questioning the value of the idea... most of the critisim is about the execution (whitch is lousy) presented to this forum.

Ofcourse is photoshoped, and a terrible one....Just look at the luminace of the hair and the values of blacks versus the rest of the picture.

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we know this...but the poster was claiming otherwise.

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Half of you probably couldnt come up with an idea like this. This is a very vlever use of media, whats wrong with everybody?! Stop your useless critisism.
And by the way, NO im not in the credit, ive never even been to India but i can spot a clever media spot. P&G are probably kicking their agency for not coming up with it first.

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pretty smart, but I don't think it would stop the traffic in my book.

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fake, fake, fake!

terrible photoshop job!

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Good idea to present as a proposal. Whether this is just a comp or not, well...
...the shadow of the cutout lady is missing ladies n gents!!!

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Sure is. At least this picture is not real. That doesn't mean it wasn't actually done. But i'm with everyone here who says this is a photoshop job. The lighting is wrong and, as the_ashlands points out, where the piece meats the sand is clear evidence that it was brushed out with 3px or somewhat feather.

Great ideia though! And really nice placing. When all the moms are waiting for the kids to get tired they find themselves thinking about their hair. Clever but fake photo.

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idea: thumbs up, way up! i am loving this shit…

maybe it was done, maybe it has been made up - like so many other ideas shown either here or at awards this looks just sooo fake.
however, when you present an idea, it should be as outstanding as possible, in this case, one must be blind not to see the huge difference in image density between the visual of the woman's hair and the rest of the pic.

presentation: thumbs down, hey, even the hands chopped off!

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nice idea yes, but as everyone says, its a bad DI job. If it really went through, why not take a photo of the actual location?

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Jelous Down dudes...let's talk about the idea. Perfect placement, the idea speaks,
what was the argument again?

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I hate the idea of such blatant advertising in a child's park.

Fail Harder.

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Great jobs!