Sleeping not so Beauty

October 2007

Instead of the usual poster placement we used the funny street characters, in and around the downtown parts of the city of Namur, to sell Horlicks for us. We did this by placing posters above or next to people who were already asleep, with the message that Horlicks can help you sleep anywhere, anytime.

Advertising Agency: David Francis & Sons, Namur, Belgium
Creative Director: David Francis
Art Director: Louise Badge
Copywriter: Michael Wolmans
Photographer: Navin Prowse

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kalpesh78's picture
Activity Score 2578

Smells scam.. Plus you're making fun of the poor.. this guy doesn't look like he can afford a Horlicks. Bad taste.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

CC3's picture
Activity Score 724

Unbelievably insensitive. I hope that company is also donating money to aid the homeless, if not, they are trying to profit off of others misfortunes. Shameful.
DF&S you just given advertising a worse reputation

Try not. Do or do not. There is no try.

Good is the enemy of great.

brain123's picture
Activity Score 830

It is clearly a scam. The poster couldn't look more photoshoped.
Besides, it is mean. 2 thumbs down.

brainzed's picture
Activity Score 652

… and it doesn't look like "the city of Namur" at all…

trueblue's picture
Activity Score 2453

at first, i thought they placed a figure of person asleep - that would be funny. but placing it near homeless/drunk7etc., makes it tacky (if not gross even), at least for me. doesn't seem it would strike a good image t most people. and their is the question - what when these people wake up and walk away...

teenie's picture
Activity Score 1894

My thoughts exactly. It would have been funny if they put stuffed dummies under the ads. But to exploit the homeless? It makes you not want to buy the product at all.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

Poor bastard....I mean the creator...for their deperation. Maybe they should be drinking Horlicks for exploiting the homeless. Totally tasteless and insensitive towards social issue.

the_executioner's picture
Activity Score 93

Scam indeed. Insensitive rubbish.

Looks like Johannesburg to me.

Please notice the Green and blue TELKOM box in the background - South Africa's largest telecom's company.

Oh, and do they drive on the left in Belgium? DIDN'T THINK SO. It is South Africa you lying heartless assh«les. Good luck with the lawsuit.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

Jan Smuts avenue. Plus Dunkeld Square sign in the background. As Horlicks is one of our clients perhaps I will be forwarding this on to them.

puppiepoppy's picture
Activity Score 1634

Just do it! I guess these bunch of stupid insensitive Belgium creatives give their industry a bad name. Hope they get backlisted for life!
- Totally against the tone & manner of Glaxo SmithKline, the owner of Horlick.
- Deceive readers with wrong image of the location.
- Making fun of the homeless.
- Fake ads.

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Homelessness and all the issues that surround it aren't funny. :(

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french paradox
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belgium jokes used to be much funnier. Sorry if think that's rubbish too.

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bad taste, very sad. / Facebook : Joelapompe

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Activity Score 229

Really bad. Also the poster is really badly pasted on photoshop. One quick trick pal, whenever you cut something in photoshop, you should feather, that way the edges will blend way better.

YoGiIDr's picture
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What if the guy wake up and walk away?

It sucks....

7heavenmetal's picture
Activity Score 28

To cruel, if you try to make us laught you lost the way, terrible!!

Quink's picture
Activity Score 234

insensitive. bad taste. bad ad.

picturejockey's picture
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So many people have already called it shameful and insensitive so don't need to say that again.
In India Horlics is an energy drink (a formula that you mix with milk) targeted at kids as it is supposed to help they grow health and smart.

sprezatura's picture
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Did the Homeless guy have to be black, so stupid, besides a homeless black guy would rather sleep on inhaled glue or local gin or best still spend it on whorelicks rather than horlicks

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goodone ;)

Be awesome :)

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ivan, what are you doing mate??

ivan's picture

all right, i get your point...

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Barnabis's picture
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I think this is brilliant. A tactical use of media using its natural surroundings, un-touched. It's about time somebody did something like this, regardless of what people in the industry might think. You want "real" it is.

drunk dave's picture
drunk dave
Activity Score 1066

You're an idiot. They're lying about where they supposedly shot it... not real! And it's a crap idea. I can only assume that you didn't read the blurb, and have never done any advertising or marketing and so do not understand the failure of the advert to communicate a relevant message.

Barnabis's picture
Activity Score 28

Loosen up a little Drunk D,-advertising is meant to be fun remember? and if we make fun of a couple of guys along the way, so be it.
do you seriously think the bloke in frame will take offense when he walks on stage to receive a gold? think about it.

justpassingby's picture
Activity Score 1368

For once i agree with drunk dave, barnabis, you are an idiot.
Let me remind you that advertising is a business not something that was invented for fun, sure you can have fun selling stuff but not on someone elses expense.
Especially if that someone is a homeless, hungry and most probably abused person.
"do you seriously think the bloke in frame will take offense when he walks on stage to receive a gold?" what kind of stupid remark is that? the only people who go up to collect awards are the creatives who did this ad.
ps this piece of "fake" ambient wouldnt even get nominated.

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what is this?, is ti for slipping?, what is the product?

Me is vipin

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