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he he.. the first thing I read was the Copy Error "Agnecy" - McKee Wallwork, Cleveland, USA.

About the Ad..

Well you had an Idea about promoting a local Weight reducing clinic or something and you put that up for some other client.

This can counter your brand completely. You are actually helping people to come to the conclusion "Oh My God... this is what I can look like if I stop eating these damn burgers. lemme grab a Salad rather."

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Tx, fixed it.

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There's still a mistake. The ad agency is McKee Wallwork Cleveland. They aren't based in Cleveland.

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would the line:
... work better?

Just a thought

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No that wouldn't work either.. the medium is completely going against the idea of being hungry... a person will stay hungry to look that good.. I did work brilliantly for some health clinic.. Grr.. wish I had a link to that creative.

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it was used that way in France some years ago.

worked better in my opinion...

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i am 1/1 with creative 420.
for weight watchers yes.
for burgers no.
and the decatlon version worked, because it makes you fill bad.
and willing to do something against it.
but nice try

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So what if you are already skinny?

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he he.. that would surely make them look bad.. but tell me one thing.. what does a burger gives you?? Lots of calories.. fat.. and stuff. And people don't want any more of that. Why go for a medium that can pose a risk to your product?

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Disco Munky
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I just think that when the devil is finally crowned king of the world it will be because of advertising like this.


It's an iteresting way to engage the audience but like creative420 said "Why go for a medium that can pose a risk to your product?".

Doin' it for the points

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i think this is really cool.
was even better when it was done 12 years ago.

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ming the merciless
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If your CD doesn't know this has already been done, move agency to a good agency.