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Why did they even try?

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Maddy B


u done a god job boss,

i like the idea

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vijay hari salve


amezing, beautiful, superb, mindblowing, ek number.....

i like it.

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Bundy Agency
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stop commenting your own work.

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Vasudha Chandra

Amazing creation!! Simple and yet powerful...thats called a PERFECT Ad!

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Awful comment!! Stupid and yet dull... thats called an EGOCENTRIC Creative commenting his work!

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Idea, interested media and concept are really good. The only problem i see is about usability.
The print has been put in a difficult-to-read position. This mismatch my idea of adv usability. But anyway, as the object of the idea was a person's foot, i dont think there were better things to do.
Nice job men, a+++!

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Good job Parvej....Award wining...!!!

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lol, clearly the Indian creatives are the only ones who like this. Otherwise, it's lame.

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i dont like this at all. Its just using a different place, trying to grab attention. Not really an innovative idea. Copy is not working at its best. But hey, i guess it somehow know, trying a foot and u read something about losing your feet.. WHAT THE!

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what's th idea here? i wonderr...

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Nice. But I saw one in Dubai a few months back for breast cancer awareness. Where one side of the mirror was cut at the bust. Was quite shocking. Very effective.

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Lousy ad, it won't be notice....

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It reads like a re-write of the brief. And the comments read like they are from the agency.

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ad pedant
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I don't like this much but my main issue is with the placement - the task was to communicate the importance of checking your feet to diabetes sufferers so surely there's a better channel to deliver this message than an ambient in a random shoe store frequented by the general public (targeted DM, anyone?).

Poorly thought out and a bit self-indulgent for my liking - and the worst thing is that it's not even a good enough idea to warrant the self-indulgence.

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everybody buys shoes. everybody checks their shoes in mirror before buying it. hence when mirror has a poster like this which restrains the view, people will read this poster.
We have created a lot of other deliverables (for example direct mailers, patient education booklets, customised first aid kit etc.) targeted towards patients to create awareness about foot amputation and foot care. this looks like a little different medium in healthcare arena. hence we have put it up here.

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Anyways thank you all for your time and wise comments.

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its dumb....
like ulcers for the brain.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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Hmm...Priyanka, do you know that your the only girl around who manages to create such a stir wherever or whenever you post an ad. There is never a dull moment and there are always such animated comments. It's really amusing, actually.

Regards this ad, there is a thought u had,and the execution could have been dramatised with the amputation bit...unfotunately there are many ads in the states where they have used such gimmicks...better luck next time girl :)


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good job Parvej
Good Copy

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Guest commenter

good one