In the center of the conflict, 1

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October 2008
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt, Stockholm, Sweden
Art Directors: Max Larsson von Reybekiel, Jacob von Corswant
Copywriter: Magnus Andersson
Planner: Leon Phang
Account director: Pernilla Babtist
Account manager: Ida Modin
Clients: Michael Persson, Louise Stehn

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why not just photoshop it onto a local street? I think a retoucher would be cheaper than going there :D

unless you get free publicity for the stunt

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Guest commenter

Huh, hope you don't work within advertising Sparky. With that spirit you won't lead anything forward.

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Guest commenter

Dude photoshop work still look very very fake even u had show how it u made it.

flavourfish's picture
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Well, the paint was so well put on the wall that this may even look more fake than photoshop itself.. so I really dont get the point.
But okey, the point I get is getting there. But who knows that passing by a billboard? None. Except for the ones who read about it(the PR effect) or maybe it was written about in the website..
I like the two first ones better than the ad in this one.

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yes may be it's seems fake here but in the others photos it's well