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No fixed abode
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Now that is an award winner.

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Dick Huges
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My name is Dick Huges and I approve this piece.

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i dont care who you are

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no you didn't ...did you just attack Dick Huges? You should be hung mister

...and let the poets cry themselves to sleep. And all their tearfull words would turn back into steam

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Keep your hands off Dick okay?

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Brian Flanagan
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Just great. Clever.

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very nice.
possible metal winner.

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awesome work.
who did it?

i love the fact everyone thinks builders are hard working.
reality is, they are a lazy bunch of c..ts.

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wonderful. smart & engaging.

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Álvaro Montoliu
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Great ad! Fantastic Idea.

Here you have the credits:

Agency: Uncle Grey, Denmark
Creative Director: Per Pedersen
Copywriter: Kristian Eilertsen
Art Director: Jonas Nørregaard
Photographer: Phototheque-Peugeot France

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Thanks a lot Alvaro!

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I thought that EURO RSCG Worldwide were responsible for Peugeots advertising not Grey...

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THAT is why we're in this game.
Peak life moments... like that one.
Works on so many levels.
Enjoy Cannes, you clever bastards!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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What a great one to have in your book.

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Jet Propulsion Lab
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Speaks to the target loud and clear (in your face, literally.)
Clever use of the tarp.
Just wish I could be as enthralled by it as many of you are here...

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Yep. Will win stuff.

Seems the builders may not be that hard working though...or is it smoke break?

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very smart stuff.

dj has a good point, where were all these hard workers when this shot was taken?


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Just love it...... BUT..... think that you won´t understand it if you´re walking in the street and see it, besides it doesn´t really sells the product. Just a matter of flipping straight the logo and car model in order to have a REAL WINNER!!!!!!

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I agree, the logo should be flipped around so that the viewer can see it. That would let the viewers passing by "in on the joke" and make them feel part f it. As it is, most viewers are just going to assume that some idiot hung it the wrong way round.

Clever work though!

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you have GOT TO BE JOKING.

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clever! best use of medium. those who like to do ambient media should see it.

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yep hooks in your mind, definitely a winner

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now this is really a winning stuff.
going gr8. picked up a life moment nicely.
congratulation in advance for award.

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what a ballsy client...

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Have Heart
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Love it!

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Moe Al_mahayni
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Hands off! Perfetto!

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Aplausos sencillamente espectacular…

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jonas norregaard
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Hi all. Thanks!

Just to let you now: This was really done in Copenhagen and Aarhus the two major cities in denmark.

In Denmark UNCLE Grey holds the Peugeot account. EURO RSCG holds the Citroen account. thats why.

And above all yes, we do have a very ballsy client....god bless!!!

Jonas Nørregaard

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respect, man! and say hello to your client.

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Thanks for all the nice comments.

The work just won a silver lion at Cannes Lions in the "Special Build" category and got a shortlist in "Best Use Of Outdoor".

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