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February 2010

With the specific concept that you can “re-activate” your perfume by not re-applying the fragrance itself, with only one drop of water you can release the top notes that will move a new wave of the composition. Our mission was to create an unexpected campaign that will motivate consumers to experience the advantage of reactivation technology that will allow the wearer to revive the scent with a single drop of water. Tens of thousands of water guns filled with water (10,000 liters of foreign mineral water…we can't waste water in Israel), with perfume sample and branded SHELLY'SCARD along with an invention to get via text massage a daily reminder to refresh the perfume fragrance, were hung in public locations all over the country.

Ambient advertisment created by Shelly'sCard, Israel for Replay, within the category: Health.

Advertising Agency: Shelly'sCard, Tel-Aviv, Israel
Creative Director: Shelly Rokah
Production Manager: Lilah Rokah
Photographer: Hagit Portal
Account Manager: Dikla Bashi

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Dont get this...forced.

Simple ideas are the best !

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Original. I didn't know that mineral water does that.

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you can´t waste water, so you import it and give a water pistol to a dog. that´s clever

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you're still wasting water in israel, just not israeli water

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nice shirt that blonde!

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don't get it

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So is the idea that the water gun will make reactivating more interactive?