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May 2008

Ambient advertisment created by Wunderman, Colombia for Proniño, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

Advertising Agency: Wunderman Bogota, Colombia
Creative Directors: Juan Cardenas, Gustavo Ballesteros
Art Director: Juan Manuel Pachon
Copywriters: David Castro, Julian Gutierrez
Other additional credits: Esperanza Blanco, William Algarra

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teenquey's picture
Activity Score 290

don't look like dust to me at all.

yctham's picture
Activity Score 178

I wonder how many people would found this ad at the spot, as so many also cars parking there. They should think some way to stand out the car from the other cars (which parking there) at first.

sneakyhands's picture
Activity Score 1857

if i caught them doing that to my car, they would quickly become david's replacements. i agree that child labor is bad, but what about impairing a driver's vision?

liar's picture
Activity Score 384

lol @ david's replacement.

shailu20066's picture
Activity Score 90

Not good... only good for big city

Shailendra Agiwal
86, Bank Colony, Annapurana Road, Indore (India)
Tel. : 2483732, Mob. : 98260-20066, 9424540777

Wordnerd's picture
Activity Score 6692

this not only bad, but also fake. they didn't even make the efford of mirroring the typo on the sign. sad

AERC's picture
Activity Score 61

I think this idea has a fatal error. How this kid can write if he never went to school?

Aay-Zee's picture
Activity Score 8

i think its a lil translation issue ... the text sounds to me that the kid is little sad that he has quit his job and doing study :S

december's picture
Activity Score 93

I bet the drug lord whose audi got tagged was pretty pissed. But the idea was pretty legitimate or at least it seems that it works in Columbia. I had a hard time reading the english explaining it, but it seems to be a unique albeit expensive delivery.

Guest's picture

is ColOmbia, not ColUmbia