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April 2008

Ambient advertisment created by JWT, Germany for Pro Asyl, within the category: Public Interest, NGO.

When you get home, you can expect a nice evening. When asylum-seekers get home they can expect death.
International day of the refugee 2008

Advertising Agency: JWT, Frankfurt, Germany
Creative Director: Ralph Thamm
Art Directors: Ralph Thamm, Reinhard Obinger
Copywriter: Christoph Herold
Trainee / Photographer: Pavel Bondarenko

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mattlittlegym's picture
Activity Score 342

(Why have a gate if just anyone can drive up and pull the rope? Doesn't seem real.)
Doesn't this seem like it would be better if it were in a parking lot across from the UN or something as they left it..? Just any old apartment building doesn't seem effective enough.

Scam Detector's picture
Scam Detector
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First of all I think this is totally SCAM. Furthermore I don't think that this message is really relevant. No European country sends back anyone, not even people who are purely economical "asylum-seekers", not even criminal elements.

This is just a cheap shot for the award shows. A politically correct statement. Disgusting.

panasit's picture
Activity Score 687

Ambient is not just a sign with slogan pasted on to thing. It's a parking garage door. Oh okay, so the person is supposedly going home after exiting this building). Will it be any different if I put a sign next to the door of an office building that reads: before going into an important meeting inside this building, make sure your teeth is white. Use Colgate.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

Kateter's picture
Activity Score 2029

forced scam.

Slashweasel's picture
Activity Score 104

do some real work

SeanMartin's picture

I sometimes wonder if even a third of the ambients we see on this site are real. But I suppose it *is* time for students to be turning in mid-term projects, huh?

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