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i can't find any reason, why would any pizza deliverer/maker allow this co-campaign in their own packages. It does say: Hey - pizza-house is dirty. very strange idea. So – in other words – this is fake.

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totally agree.

this is major BS.

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Couldn't find better words to put it, even if I tryed... You're absolutely right, says something about the creatives though...

Who turned the world upside down?

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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OMG! what a stupid idea, totally agree man... I wonder what if they put a toy there, would it be more effective? Will they lose all their customers?

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Disgusting. Probably the dumbiest idea i´ve ever seen.

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That is probably the dumbiest comment I've ever read.

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go work.

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and that pizza looks disgusting!

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This is 100% fake for sure, but if I ever receive a pizza box like this, I would sue the agency, Dr. Barata, everybory! C'mon guys, you cross the line on this one...

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No vuelvo a comprar pizzas en ese lugar si llego a ver un insecto en su caja. Está buena la idea para implementarla en otro lugar.

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Cute cockroach. Disgusting ad.

"Assume nothing, question everything."

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Bankruptcy of thoughts here.

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This could work if it was stand alone direct mail piece. Make up a fake pizza joint and send out fake pizza boxes (just the box, no pizza). No real pizza restaurant would ever do this.

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Don Draper
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So bad, it's no wonder there are no credits listed.

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OMG! Are you (or they) kidding? What pizza company not hoping to go bankrupt would ever agree to that?

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Ivan..C'mon this clearly BAM SCAM work.

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adcook, the story isn't complete. Watch this space! ;)

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Pizza box looks ugly, the pizza looks uglier and the roach is disgusting. Bad ad. To top it all, it is an outright scam.

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Makes me wanna throw up all the pizza i ate.

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hrrrrr.....Ivan, y did u showcase these kind of ads on front page? (wtout - agency name & details)

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Watch this space for follow up... ;)

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goood for scam ,agree that noone wanna join with.

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hmmmm it is disgusting i agree, but it is for pest control company and who ever talk about it? If i can remember i never talk with my friends on coffee about any pest control company and look what people doing here, lots of replys right. So probably "outside" will be the same

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absolute rubbish, the worst placement ive ever seen.

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this surely is a bad piece. imagine. if these guys had a line that'd say. cockroaches out of your home within 30 minutes or your money back. ha ha ha ha

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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This is so stupid. Besides I think I've seen things with pizza boxes in award shows of the past.

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Drew Ovard
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It's not for real. Who would have paid for a direct mail piece of crap like this?

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que MERDA!
onde esta o diretor de criaçao da agencia?

¿donde esta el director creativo?


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You're absolutely right jjad (eventhough I haven't got a clue what you're saying, but I guess you think it's complete rubbish, or at least the creative director deserves a good spanking)

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That is disgusting, it goes againts the pizza store.
good for Dr. Barata but the never gonna buy the pizza again

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No pizza company would EVER allow you to do this. Sorry.

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What the Hell2
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What the helllllllll??????
where this ideas come from??
did you forget your medicine, guys??

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Really bad, It's sooooo disgusting!!!

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Luis Maram
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Hey guys.

The amazing in here is not the ad (obviously a mega fake); the real thing is the BIG list of posts. Yeah!

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who has done this!! some1 pls. fire him/her!!


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Bernbach B
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I think pizza boxes aren't made for advertising. Specially those with insects. I would beat the creatives till death!

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Sir Muddy Waters
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Man...if it continues like that, the world will be more and more ruled by those planners and guys. Call police, please!!!!

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Although the insect in fake,it makes the customers lose their appetite.Maybe they will never buy again.

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strong idea, discosting

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well it was funny to discovery the true behind this "ad". "Good job" I guess